Encaustic and Mixed Media Art

Encaustic and Mixed Media Art
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Friday, September 02, 2011

Another Exhibit!

I'm so excited to be the artist featured for the month of September 2011 at the Starbucks in Glencoe, IL. It's SUCH a nice starbucks with a comfy couch and a fireplace! The wall we used to hang the art can't have nails in it so they have this wire cable system to hang the pieces. It was very tricky to get the pieces up and the configuration could be better but we did the best we could! As usual, my camera doesn't capture it that well, but you get the idea. Thank you Jay for being such an awesome help!
(click on the images for more detailed views)
The wall...only one piece didn't make it!

Wish you could see the lighting in person...far better than what camera shows

Here they are in garage before I took them to be hung. The one in the upper right hand corner didn't make it on the wall

Better lighting here to see the 3 smaller pieces
Come by to check it out!

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