Encaustic and Mixed Media Art

Encaustic and Mixed Media Art
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Work In Progress: Tribal Redux, Encaustic on Wood, 12x12 inches (unframed)

I have never shared a WIP (work in progress) before, so here goes. I wanted to share a little more about my process so here is a taste.  You can see what my work space is like and the tools at hand. Plastic fork, check. Clothespin, check...if you only saw the rest. Let's save that for another day, shall we?
Work In Progress: Tribal Redux,  Encaustic on Wood, 12x12 inches (unframed)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tribal Patchwork, Encaustic on wood, Approx 37 x 38 inches

I needed something substantial to fill a big blahhhh wall space in the family room. The last painting I had there just wasn't big enough. This 37 x 38 inches encaustic painting seemed to do the trick and blends well with my earthy vibe while sharing pops of color that my family room is longing for. Yes, my family room has feelings...that I project on it. So here is Tribal Patchwork....
Tribal Patchwork, Encaustic on Wood, Approx 37 x 38 inches (click on image to see greater detail) 
Perspective of wall size
Close up details of left side
Close up details of right side
Close up details of lower left side

New Tribal II Finds His Tribe

Made this guy a little over a year ago (where does the time go?), and much like many of my paintings waiting to be adopted, I never found a place to hang it. Finally, yesterday, I was reminded of an interesting spot I had been toying with. I think it works.  What do you think?