Encaustic and Mixed Media Art

Encaustic and Mixed Media Art
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trust The Process, Acrylic on Canvas, Approx 24x36 inches

Since it's too cold in the garage to paint in encaustic, I have resorted to playing with acrylic. Acrylic doesn't move and "do" what wax does, but I pushed myself to see what could happen. Here's the result...
(click on image to see in greater detail)


the daily dartise said...

great work

Firehead4 said...

Thanks, Dartise!
I could use a much better photographer other than myself to capture what the work really looks like (hint, hint) : )

R. J. Vincent said...

Very nice work. Interesting use of color and texture.

Firehead4 said...

Thank you, R.J. for your kind feedback.