Encaustic and Mixed Media Art

Encaustic and Mixed Media Art
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Completed Work, June 2010, Untitled

I put this one in my dining room. Wish I could scan the detail but it's way too large!

Here's an attempt at some close up detail with my camera.

Click on image for greater detail


Sherri Maamma said...

Really like this. How did you get the effect of the holes in the top layer of wax?

Firehead4 said...

Thanks so much, Sherri! How did you find my blog?
Those holes actually occurred organically. Each layer of wax is fused to the next and sometimes those craters just naturally appear when not everything melts evenly onto the previous layer.

Firehead4 said...

Forgot to say that I often add oil paint into the holes to make them more pronounced.